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Start Playing JUWA

Fill Out SIGNUP Form

After your form has been seen you will receive a confirmation for your purchase of game credits by email 


Buy Game Credits

After your order has been confirmed, you will purchase your game credits by sending your payment to Cashtag $rags2richesgs 

Receive Login

After purchasing your game credits, you will receive your login information to begin playing JUWA, tclick the DOWNLOAD JUWA tab to begin playing.

When purchasing game credits please screenshot your payment and email it to us at, please include your phone number in the subject line, this helps us quickly identify your account to provide you with faster service


Account Rules:

1) Only 1 account per player

2) Accounts innactive for more than 45 days will be disabled

3) You MUST send a screenshot of your purchase on Cashapp to our email: your phone # and game you want to play on the email. This is for us to quickly identify your account to provide you with fast service.

4) No refunds on Cashapp 

Cashout Rules are as follows:

Minimum Daily Cashout= $50

Maximum daily cashout= $150

You must have at least $50 in winnings to redeem

*Only 1 Cashout per day*

No Cashouts on Free Play, you must have made at least 1 deposit to washout winnings


Privacy Policy

Your information is only being used strictly to create and manage your account. 

We do not intent to share your information in any way.

If you no longer wish for us to have your information that was submitted to us please send us an email and we will delete your signup form.

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